The Raffle

It was August 2017. The church across the street from my house was hosting it’s annual Carnival. I had forced my dad to give me about $20 to waste on games, but not food; I could just go back to my house and make my dad make me food.

I spent my day like usual; walking around causing a ruckus while chasing my neighbor, Morkus around like an absolute buffoon. My other neighbor, Jordan had just joined us and he brought his mom as well. She mainly just stayed at the food court while Morkus, Jordan, and me all chased each other through the gym, the cafeteria, field, and parking lot. The carnival wasn’t very big, I mean, it was in a Church parking lot.

I had wandered off to the gym where all the raffles were held, just looking for something cool I could potentially win, with my non-existent $20 that I gambled with playing Blackjack.

Then, I noticed a Giant mountain bike. It was perfect, my size, and not a Mongoose; any bike I had that was a Mongoose always broke, usually in the brake area. I ran out of the gym and told Jordan, which was a bad idea, you will find out later. Jordan then told his mom and us three all went to see the bike.

Jordan asked his mom for a raffle ticket, she bought 2, though. 1 for me, 1 for Jordan. She wrote her phone number on both of the tickets, I should have saw that coming. She dropped the tickets into the box, and then left to go home, meanwhile Jordan and I stayed and continued to look at the prizes.

While walking down the aisles, we pointed out the girly gifts and joked that those were Morkus’ favorite gifts. We also pointed out really cool ones that we would love to have, though it wasn’t many considering it was mainly an old peoples’ carnival.


It was raffle day, all of the raffles were about to be drawn and the bike wasn’t until late late at night. I got to enjoy the games and torture Morkus for one more day. I forgot to mention that in the cafeteria there was a bake sale with really good cookies. My parents had given me money to buy them stuff from it, so that is what I did. I bought all of the things I wanted and gave it to them.

The carnival was over and it was about time for the bike to be drawn. They would draw the ticket and call the winner, it wasn’t a be-there raffle. I waited patiently frustratedly for Jordan’s mom to come tell me that I won the bike. But to my chagrin, I watched Jordan’s mom walk out of the gym with the bike in her hand crossing the street to go to her house.

I was honestly so annoyed that Jordan won the bike. It was like 10 sizes too big for him anyway. I should never have told him about the raffle. I was actually convinced I won, but since it was her number, she claimed it as hers.

The days following, I was hanging out with Morkus and I told him how I was so convinced that Jordan’s mom stole my bike. He seemed to have kind of believed me, but the next time I was with Jordan, he said that Morkus said that I said his mom stole my bike. He was mad and kept saying that he won it fair and square.

Now let’s put this out there, but despite that fact that Jordan is like 3 years younger than me, I am terrified of him sometimes. He can’t always be trusted, especially with a knife, or even hand sanitizer; he squirted me in the eye with hand sanitizer before.

Anyway, that is how my should have been bike was stolen. Or so I think.

Moral of the story: don’t let someone else pay for your raffle ticket unless they let you put your number.

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  1. I’m still angry about this too lol. Remember when you were going to dig through their garbage for the raffle ticket to see if it really was yours? Lol

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