The Lunch Lady Saga | Episode Two

It was a brisk morning, I was walking to school with my friend James, like we always did. We were messing around and then he pushed me, but he pushed me into the road. I got back on the sidewalk rather quickly, but someone who was going 50 in a school zone honked and claimed they almost hit me, basically inferring it was my fault (yeah alright.). I look back at James and shrug.

We arrived at the front doors to the school and walk in. We make it about halfway up the stairs when a teacher, we can call her Mrs. Rose, stops us and tells us how dangerous it was to be playing in the road. As if we were playing street hockey. I knew James didn’t mean to push me that hard, so I honestly didn’t really care what she said. She stared at us and said she was going to tell our principal, Mr. May. We rolled our eyes when she turned around and walked down stairs to breakfast.

Upon getting into the breakfast line, the notorious lunch manager, Ms. Dobbs glances at me, as if she knows something. I look back but with a confused face. She blurts out, “Why would you do that to James, you got him in trouble!” I raise my eyebrows and smirk. Is she serious? I responded, “I got in trouble, too, and besides, it isn’t my fault.” I knew previously that Ms. Dobbs loved James, he was her favorite, but she was really going to blame me for getting him in trouble? Mhm. Ok.

Moral of the story is: don’t get pushed in the street by a lunch lady’s favorite student.

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