The Lunch Lady Saga | Episode One

It was about halfway through eight grade, just another basic day. I got through all of my classes and it was finally lunch. I sat down at my class table and I realized I had a $10 bill in my right pocket. I figured since I have nothing else I could possibly buy with $10, I could buy a $0.50 bag of Baked Flaming Hot Cheetos at the register.

Our class was called to go up and get our lunch and I sit at the closest end of the table to the start of the line, so I get up and practically jog to be the first in line (since our school is cheap and runs out of the good food occasionally). I grab the bag of Cheetos and approach Ms. (we can call her Dobbs). I show her the bag and hand her my ten. She glares at me and opens her mouth. She spits out, “Listen. Next time you decide you want to buy something, make sure you have the exact cash!” I just look at her confused. I think to myself, “Do you want my money or not, lady?”, but instead I say, “Alright then, I won’t give you anything then.” then I put the bag back on the rack and walk away.

Moral of the story is: Don’t buy things from lunch ladies.

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