Library Blackout

It was a semi-normal day in the library (except for the fact that I hadn’t gotten kicked out yet… strange). I was sitting upstairs, with my newly found privileges of being 13, I was able to be up there without getting yelled at or told to go downstairs. From where I was sitting I was the second closest seat to the back window, so I could hear that it was raining pretty hard.

I wasn’t alone upstairs, there were a few old men, a teenager about 3 years older than me, and a 30 year old woman. Everyone was on the computer doing important things like filing taxes and shopping for bed pans, or whatever old men do. Meanwhile, I was playing Minecraft.

As previously mentioned, it was raining outside, and when I turned back again I saw it was raining 102% harder, not only that, but I could hear it, through my headphones, WHICH were blasting Minecraft music. What? Those songs bop! It was pretty eerie. Another hmm 20 seconds passed and…BOOM! the thunder echoed through the aisles of YA and Cooking books, practically shaking all of the shelves making the environment chilly and even eerier. I disregarded all of this and went back to my Minecraft when the lights all shut off and my Minecraft turned black. The power went out.

Obviously, I wasn’t the only one who was annoyed because to my left I hear the sound of the aforementioned lady saying “AWW DAMNNN IT!!! I WAS ON THE LAST PAGE OF MY CARLOW ESSAY ON WOMEN IN RELIGION.” I had to try very hard to not burst out laughing, but everyone around her seemed to be genuinely interested. I mean, no hate towards women in religion, but I mean come on, there is no way someone would voluntarily write about that. It makes me tired just thinking about it. Or is that tiredness because I woke up at 7?

She went on about how it was due the next day at like 6 am or something. College hours, y’know? I do honestly feel bad, though. What if her teacher was anything like my 6th and 7th grade Communications teacher, Dr. Smith? I don’t expect you to know her. I might have another story featuring her. Who knows?

Moral of the story is: don’t write essays about boring topics?


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