☺Cookie Dough: A Mini-Series☺

It has been a while, I know, but I haven't really felt like writing anything, so bear with me on this one; it's a journey. 

«Before you Read»

During the beginning of the school year, usually in the middle of September, we have an assembly for all grades to watch. The assembly informs all students about a fundraiser to sell cookie dough. If you sell a certain milestone of over-priced, generic, $20 cookie dough, you get some CrAZy prizes.

These prizes include a phone fan (wow), a light-up, liquid-filled, sticky ball (incredible), and a blow-up chair (ground-breaking). Those were only the cheap ones you get if you sell in between 5 and 30 boxes of cookie dough. The good prizes don’t start until 50 sales. I will get into the good prizes in another part, though. This is about a strange encounter I had with a customer.

PS: this takes place in 2019-20 school year.

Now, let’s get into it. Honestly, I think I am a pretty good salesman; I don’t consider going into it as a career, though. I normally sell to all the streets surrounding my house in a 10-15 block radius. I go door-to-door asking people if they want to buy anything from me and explain that it is for a school fundraiser to go towards an end of the year field trip; that went well, amirite?

On the street behind my house, however, is where I get most of my sales. I ventured to a new part of that street this year and one of the houses was pretty intimidating. I walked up to their door and knocked. They got up out of their La-Z-Boy and headed towards me. Upon opening the door, I immediately blurted out what I say to everyone:

Hi! Would you like to buy some cookie dough for a school fund-raiser? It goes towards an end of the year field trip we are having.

He looks at me and starts to ask me a ton of questions. “What school do you go to?”… “Uh. Brookline”… “How old are you?”…”13?”…“What street do you live on?…“Pioneer!”…”How can I trust you?”…“No idea, sir.”

I’m starting to feel uncomfortable, but I am an idiot and honestly, I would do about anything to get a sale, except come back ughhh.

He asks if he can take a picture of me and ask me for my name. He wants to prove that I am actually attending the school I attend. I reluctantly accept. He asks for the pamphlet that I have that lists all of the things I am selling and walks back to his wife to talk about what they want to get. I stand there waiting, patiently, yet awkwardly. He comes back and tells me he wants two kinds of cookies.

I am smiling ear-to-ear because I love getting sales of more than one. It makes me this much closer to the goal amount I wanted: 65. He hands me the $40 and I hold it in my hands while I walk away, I don’t want to look like I am stealing. Once I am out of sight, I immediately pocket it.

More than a month later…

I get all of the cookie dough that I am selling and I need to deliver it now. My car was filled with boxes, but I knew I had to deliver to that house RIGHT AWAY. They were probably worried, and better yet, I was worried they were going to come to my house. I walk up to their door with the two boxes and they come rushing to the screen door.

The door swings open and they say, “Oh we have been waiting; every day we asked each other, ‘When is that boy going to come with our cookie dough?’ Haha!” I smile and hand them the boxes and rush away back to the car.

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